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Middle Volga Mathematical Society Journal

The journal's plagiarism policy

The journal's plagiarism policy is based on the guidelines developed by the Ethics Council of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers, and Core practices of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

All manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are checked for text borrowings in the automated systems "Antiplagiat" (for Russian manuscripts) and Similarity (Cross) Check (for English manuscripts).

Basing on the verification report generated by automated systems, the reviewer examines the manuscript in order to classify borrowings into legitimate borrowings and illegal borrowings (plagiarism), as well as for bona fide self-citation and unfair self-citation (self-plagiarism).

In case of detection of illegal borrowing (plagiarism) or unfair self-citation (self-plagiarism), the author is invited to eliminate the revealed remarks. In case of repeated detection of these remarks, the manuscript is rejected.