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Middle Volga Mathematical Society Journal

The history of creation and the main stages of the development of the journal

The scientific peer-reviewed journal “Zhurnal Srednevolzhskogo Matematicheskogo Obshchestva” was founded in 1997 by the Interregional Public Organization "Middle Volga Mathematical Society" (URL: Until 2008, the editor-in-chief position in the journal was occupied by its ideological inspirer and talented organizer, Dr. Sc. in Phys. And Math, Head of Applied Mathematics Department in Ogarev Mordovia State University professor Evgeny V. Voskresensky.

The creation of the journal became an important tool in organizational activities of the Middle Volga Mathematical Society such as

  • organization and holding of international scientific conferences on differential equations and youth schools-seminars on mathematical modeling (URL: on the basis of National Research Mordovia State University;
  • coordinating and combining efforts aimed at developing research in mathematics and computer science;
  • mathematical education in the Republic of Mordovia;
  • uniting leading scientists from the cities of Volga Federal District (Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Sarov, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, Penza);
  • maintaining close scientific contacts with scientists from other Russian cities (Moscow, Ryazan, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Arkhangelsk);
  • and the establishment of international scientific cooperation with scientists from near and far abroad (England, France, Romania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan).

The first issue of the journal was published in December 1998. Until 2009 the edition had the name "Proceedings of the Middle Volga Mathematical Society".

Since 2004, articles of the journal are indexed in the Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH) abstract database. Access address:

In 2009, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Sc. in Phys. and Math, Professor V.F. Tishkin (Head of the Research Department of Keldysh Applied Mathematics Institute in Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations and Theoretical Mechanics in National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University became the editor-in-chief of the journal.

In 2009, National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University became one of the journal’s co-founders.

Starting from the 2nd issue of volume 12 for 2009, the journal is called “Zhurnal Srednevolzhskogo Matematicheskogo Obshchestva”.

From March 20, 2023 the journal is included in the List of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, where basic scientific results of dissertations for the degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences in scientific specialties and their respective branches of science should be published (Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation). List of scientific specialties:

  • 1.1.1. The theory of functions of a real and complex variable and functional analysis (physical and mathematical sciences)
  • 1.1.2. Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)
  • 1.1.5. Mathematical logic, algebra, number theory and discrete mathematics (physical and mathematical sciences)
  • 1.1.6. Вычислительная математика (физико-математические науки)
  • 1.1.8. Mechanics of a deformable solid body (technical sciences)
  • 1.1.8. Mechanics of a Deformable Solid Body (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)
  • 1.1.9. Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma (technical sciences)
  • 1.1.9. Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma (physical and mathematical sciences)
  • 1.2.2. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes programs (physical and mathematical sciences)

Until March 20, 2023, the Zhurnal SVMO was equal to journals included in the List of Higher Attestation Commissions, as a journal indexed by the zbMATH database.

May 9, 2023 scientific peer-reviewed journal "Zhurnal Srednevolzhskogo Matematicheskogo Obshchestva" is included in the international database Scopus.