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Middle Volga Mathematical Society Journal

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Evaluation the quality specification of system dynamics models.

S.I. Spivak1, O.G. Kantor2

AnnotationThe problem of evaluation the quality specification of system dynamics models is considered. Based on the approach of L.V. Kantorovich, a new method of determination the model parameters is developed. It grades inaccuracies of socio-economic observations and allows taking into account additional terms and conditions.
Keywordsspecification of system dynamics models, quality of mathematical models, L.V. Kantorovich's approach, maximum allowable error of measurement.

1Head of the Department of Mathematical Modelling, Bashkir State University, Ufa;

2Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ufa;

Citation: S.I. Spivak, O.G. Kantor, "[Evaluation the quality specification of system dynamics models.]", Zhurnal Srednevolzhskogo matematicheskogo obshchestva,14:2 (2012) 34–39 (In Russian)